Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A visit

Last week we were so excited to be asked to babysit! They boys' cousins came over for bit. Bug prepared for the visit. We ate grilled bean burgers and the kids had tomatoes and carrots while Love and I had grilled asparagus, which seems to be a fav right now. Here are some pretty pics from the evening! I couldn't get Pickle's pic to turn around, so it looks like he is flying! We had a nice time. Hope we can do it again soon!

Catching up

Easter Family Pic at my Mom and Dad's house with all the fam. The egg hunt was at our house/yard! Lots of fun and lots of boys!

We went to a freind house to paint eggs and I love this picture of Willow with Pickle. She got right up there without saying a word as soon as I put him up there. Willow just kept giving me this look.

We made our tie-dye for our Easter outfits! Finally got to tye-dye! Perfect!

Bug and I playing Harry Potter wizard wars. Got to take time to play!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Love's Birthday!

I keep forgetting to post about my love's 31st birthday. Nothing too exciting this year, but we did make him a present. I'm quite proud, seeing that I'm not artistic, I am crafty however and can make that work for me. So this is what I came up with, with help from Bug.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Love points!

My Love made great points! He does like to experiment in the kitchen and makes all kinds of concoctions! It is quite fun, except when I was pregnant with my youngest. My first trimester he did not earn any points for new dishes! But now! Oh wow! We were up late the Friday before Easter having a meeting with our Pastor and after he left I had to call my sister, in the Philippines, back. Love went into the kitchen and found avocado (love them), mango and marinaded artichoke hearts, put them on nice bread and we gobbled them right up! He can make that for me any day of the week! Sweet man.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I have thrown out the last of my secret deodorant, love the smell, and made my own, Thank you Passionate Homemaker
I found it much easier than I anticipated and after a week and a bit of wearing it, I'm so pleasantly surprised that I don't stink! All natural and no aluminum! Plus, it took me five minutes to make!
Natural Deodorant:
Equal parts of Baking Soda and Cornstarch or Arrowroot and add enough coconut oil to make it the consistency that you want. I put mine in my old dispenser and put it in my cupboard, I might need to put it the fridge over the summer though. Coconut oil becomes liquid in warmer temps, be is solid even in our kitchen. I am so happy with this, I made some for my great bff and my Mom even requested me to make it for her! Super great!

Two weeks have passed

Wow! I haven't blogged in two weeks. We have had lots going on around this nutty house of ours. Many play dates, parks, Art class, meeting new friends. I will slowly blog about the last couple of weeks to catch you all up on us!
Pickle has become very interested in crinkling sounds, and yes, he is playing with a bag full of cotton balls, fully supervised! He is so happy, 9 days away from 7 months! 15 +lbs! He is growing and laughing, enjoys watching people and smiling, shows interest in our food, so we have tried bananas, and enjoy them! You can also see the mess in our house behind him, I'm not the best homemaker, but we are happy and I try not to stress when people come over. We are lived in, that is my excuse!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Times

Today we had a nice day after church we went to my folks and had some friends over for lunch and games (Apples to Apples). The kids played and we had a nice time with our wonderful friends, as always. This pic is Love with Pickle after our friends had gone, a nice day to stay indoors. While church was going on (Love and I were in a short "play" at church) the snow started and it didn't stop til later this afternoon. We just didn't want to go anywhere and my folks welcomed us to stay as long as we liked!
 I like this pic of them...Pickle rolled onto his back this morning before we left for church, so we need to be on extra alert!