Saturday, January 31, 2009

One week left

A week from now I will be in the arms of my Love, the one thing I need the most. I have decided, and after talking with he, he agrees, we will never spend this much time apart if at all possible. I need him and he needs me. I miss him. I think this time has been valuable in many aspects. We have gained our new perspective of looking into the mission field overseas more seriously and when Love returns we will discuss how and when we can plan out our life in another country in our not so distant future. I get excited thinking about this plan we have. I pray that God will lead us in every step, that we will hear His voice amongst the chaos of our every day lives. 

Love really is enjoying the work they are doing, building a church. He called on Thursday and it was so nice to hear his voice. I still think about the words we used and how much we are each a part of a whole.

Today was loooong. I worked 9-well, 3:15. It was suppose to be 5 but there was a cancellation, which I was happy about. I picked up the boys, dropped off Bug at a friends house to play "Star Wars" and take the baby with me to Girl's Night at a local church with my best friend. We had a cheap, not so vegetarian meal, looked a glasses frames, found a few long-lost friends, found out our personalities by our kiss marks from some Mary Kay ladies, waited in a long line for Godiva chocolate, bought 2 chocolate covered strawberries for $1 each! Nursed Pickle before leaving and enjoyed a cup of lemony tea that she got from a friend this week at her house. All in all a great day until it all hit the fan as it was after 10:30 and needed to get Bug to bed, he threw a fit! BIG time. Sorry friends. I think he didn't have enough for dinner and was tired, not having a nap today. Other than that, it was enjoyable. I love my friends, they love me and we all miss Love. They don't call him that.

No workout, no smoothies, but mostly raw today. I did get to sleep early last night! Before midnight is good at this point! I'm going to try for two nights in a row!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My First Anniversary

So one year ago today was my wonderful wedding on a very windy and bitter cold day. I remember it fondly and only regret that we didn't have more of our family and friends around us. I finally found the man of my dreams, my best friend and my life partner in crime! He makes me a better person, so needless to say that I miss him. I don't feel myself. Today was the first time I felt we got into a rhythm without Love here. It is the half way mark until he gets back! He did call from Africa today, what a nice surprise! He said that he wished we would have arranged for me to get flowers today, but he has given me the best present. I can't tell you what that is...

Enough about that. It was a boring day without the kids, I was working. I had no clients, but got to chat with my co-workers: always talking about giving birth, food, exercise, food, more food. You get the idea, we all have great ideas, but we don't all practice what we preach. I think that most of us eat right in front of one another at work, it's a kind of pressure. And we all know that we are all trying to eat better in general. That was what my day was.
Actually, it started off great. Bug was nice and Pickle let me sleep in a bit. I worked out again, three days in a row. I had half of a pink smoothie and a green smoothie. For dinner I had carrots and pnut butter, a pickle, some cheese and drank some water.

Bug stayed at gma's house this evening and Pickle fell asleep early, about 9ish. So I have been reading my new books (my order from amazon came today). I'm so excited. A raw foods book, a square foot gardening book, and i started my China Study book a few days ago. I'm not a reader, sad to say, but I like to learn and cook (or not with the raw foods). So I have some work ahead of me. I read a little of each of those books. I also got a book for my honey and a book about raising my child's i.q. before kindergarten...we will see.

I am glad to have tomorrow off and I have a full day of clients on Saturday. Next Saturday I have off! I'm wondering about working less already, I miss my boys while I am at work, especially when I'm not busy! I am going to bed. I'm not very exciting today, sorry about that.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I enjoyed my day, mostly. I am ready for bed. I had most of my pink smoothie, not much of anything else, oh wait. I did have a beef burger at church tonight and a few almond/caramel/chocolate treats. They were good. I worked out, not really sure how long, but I already feel it in my muscles. I decided to start this week my Yoga Booty Ballet dvds that I got three years ago. I will follow their plan for 10 weeks and maybe continue after that. It's nice to have a plan. I made a chart for myself so I can look at it and see how well I'm doing! Go me!

We were going to get haircut/color extensions in today. Bug needed a trim and so did I. We were late and rescheduled for later today... That's o.k. My girlfriend has been talking about this wonderful art class she takes her boys to on Wednesdays, so I thought we might try it out. This lady is great she teaches any age different medias for teaching art, or creating. Whatever you want to call it. I'm really excited to see how he progresses. He hasn't really been interested until recently about these things and I'm not really great at thinking about what activities would be good for him in this area, not my forte. So, that is exciting, he said he really liked it today. Meanwhile I got to hangout with my girlfriend and a very recent friend that I have met after reading her blog off and on for a while now. It was nice. Chatted about cloth diapers and tea and pastries. 

Then we got home to rest of a while before hair appointments. I wasn't going to miss this, it has been almost a year since I've had my pink hair and I have been waiting for this. So I got my pink and decided to mix it up a little and put some blue in as well, perfect! Looks great, as you can see. Bug got his haircut and found a present from Daddy,  a Bumble Bee Transformer. Which took me three tries to put back into a car form. I drank lots of water today and took a nap before church. Awana was o.k. we had 23 kids on my group, they were a little talkative, but it worked out well in the end. I was tired after and came home to find out Pickle (who was with g'ma) hadn't eaten much, was on his third diaper and was fussy most of the time. So off to bed with us all. Got Bug to bed, no bath (he was not listening to me) and fed Pickle a few times before he fell asleep and got to talk with my little sister in the Philippines, we don't get to talk often, she is really busy. I guess I am pretty busy too. It was nice, she sounds good and happy (but has a cold) and excited about her first pregnancy, I'm excited for them. It will be fun to see her and her hubby as parents after 9 years of just them. They will come to the States for a while after baby is born this summer. I'm excited and it will be nice for our children to be around each other for a while. 

I have been looking a mission stuff overseas again. I really want and fell God calling me to China still. So I looked and found a Drama Instructor in Hong Kong through the mission group my sister went through. I also looked into visiting the Jesus People in Chi-town. I would love to take Bug there and show him how to help others in different ways. The community living, the shelters and Elderly living homes they have, thrift stores and handyman things they have set up. I was excited to find out that they can house a family for up to a week! I think that when Love gets back that we should look into something like this for this year or next, even if it's just a long weekend sometime. I know we are planning to go out to OR in the spring, I believe. Loves family is there. 

O.k. so I am rambling....I need to sleep. I work tomorrow and need to take the trash out, do laundry and dishes are always there. I love my friends a family. It's nice to be loved. Pray.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm super tired. Yesterday was really draining for me. I did get to talk to Love last night only 5 minutes afert nursing Pickle. It was a very broken conversation that I had to use my Folks' land line to call back when it got lost. It was nice to hear his voice and to know that he didn't feel like he had to come home early. "We will deal with it when I get back" is all he said. I have been praying ever since. I've gotten lots of email, facebook messages, texts and phone calls to make sure we are doing o.k. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and support in every other way. We have the best family and friends. 

On to other things. I picked up my trial cloth diapers today, we will see. Pickle didn't seem too excited as his clothes don't fit as well now. I will have to fix that and within the first 10 minutes of wearing his first cloth diaper he pooped! Oh yeah! It was fine. I am excited to see how this goes. I only bought a few to see if it would be for us, I really hope so. It is so nice that we have a local gal that makes them from her home. I have been reading her blog for a while now and finally got to meet her. That was really nice and she offers to walk you through anything you want about the products. Great support, and there is a local cloth diaper support group that meets monthly! 

I didn't get much sleep last night, so I'm going to go to bed early tonight. Not much else, but I did workout today for almost an hour. Had a pink and green smoothie! Feel good about that. Did a load of dishes and still need to look over the lesson for Awana for tomorrow. 

Monday, January 26, 2009

Just a really bad day, Please Pray

It is as simple as that. A very bad, no good day. I found out while at work that the water company was trying to get ahold of us this month, all month long. It seemed to them that a water pipe at my husbands,  year ago bacholer pad, not occupied house on the east side of town burst. I won't go into too much detail right now, I'm exhausted by all the commotion while my honey is away. Thankfully we have great friends and family that kept me sane today. I was able to get off work early and meet people at the house so we could turn the water off. That's all we can do. My name isn't on anything for the house so we kind of have to wait for Love to get back or he can call them every day to give them permission to talk to me while he is gone. Either way it's going to be a long process. I was told the water company had been trying to call since Jan. 5. I'm not sure about that and I will be calling to get to the bottom of this and if needed, I will ream someone. It will be a long few days to get things organized and trying to get ahold of love in the middle of a dead zone for sure. I guess God has some kind of plan, just not sure what it is as of yet. I did take some pictures, will share later.

I'm simply tired and ready for bed. Maybe Love will call in the night! That would be the up side, I get to talk on the phone with him!

Pray the Insurance company covers it all and the Water company is compassionate. Pray for the right turn of events in our future.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Tonight I am lonely. I miss my Love. I want to sit down and cuddle with him... 

Friday, January 23, 2009


Today was o.k. I had the boys, I slept in, well, after everyone was up I went back to sleep for a while, maybe half an hour or so. Bug has so much energy, but he was great this a.m. entertained himself quietly. One BIG thing for today. Pickle decided to laugh today! How very exciting! Bug was playing with him in his exersaucer and there you have it! I was upstairs and as I came down I heard this high pitch giggle...then realized it was Pickle laughing at his big brother...I think this is a great relationship already. It was precious. I grabbed the camera and put it on Video mode for a little bit. What a pleasant sound in this house. 

So, I admit that I don't have a clean house, hardly ever. To help myself along I invite friends over to make me clean. Well, I did some of that today. Then when only one of my girlfriends ended up making it, I asked her to help me organize the place while Love is away! She did! We got started, well, she did. 

I am tired and don't really want to work tomorrow, but I will. I will be happy when I get there, I just wish I could take the boys with.

I found out that my husband was leaving behind presents for me today. He put together on the computer an icon that changes every day while he is gone. A picture and some text, as he put it. But today I found out that in these pictures are random things that had gifts hidden in them. How sweet is that?! It made me laugh, who thinks of that! What a small thing to look forward to while he is away. I have been staying up a little later than usual because a new one appears after midnight. I'm silly, I know.

I had a pink smoothie today, didn't exercise, drank plenty of water. Made bean dip for my dinner and finished the Snobby Joe's from a different blog that I made a couple days ago. YUM! Go vegetarian! I love this no meat thing I'm trying. It feels so good.

I love my life. Tonight I seem a little random in my thoughts, but you get the idea. Night!

25 Things

So I was reading some one's blog and they put up the challenge of writing 25 things about yourself...this might get a little too revealing, so watch out!

1. I am a massage therapist that loves helping people get healthy.

2. I have two wonderful boys. Ages 4 and 3 months. 

3. I recently decided to homeschool.

4. I have been intrigued by green smoothies and eating more raw foods. So I have been embarking on a new food lifestyle.

5. Tried knitting a scarf for my husband while he is away.

6. Live in a nice house next to my parents. Which I enjoy very much.

7. Think outside the box.

8. I love tattoos and piercings, have a few of each. My back tat is my favorite, and it's almost done!

9. Love to sing, not great at it, but I do love to. 

10. Work really hard at teaching my kids at church about having a relationship with Jesus and not to judge others or shove it down people throats.

11. I strive to love people and accept them as human, not as perfect.

12. I have a passion to travel. I have been to lots of places around the world, well, a few anyway. My favorite was China for 18 months.

13. I feel I will live in China again with my wonderful family in the near future.

14. I like to drive my car. During the day is better, my night vision is getting bad.

15. I love to watch my boys watch one another, it makes me happy.

16. Hate to clean my house, it's usually a mess.

17. Enjoys my Wiifit and other Wii games.

18. Am organizationally challenged! I need help!

19. Hates to admit I need help, like most women. We can did it ourselves.

20.Am a devote Christian and tries to read my Bible everyday.

21. Loves to dance for my workout! Dancing is so much fun!

22. Orders fun things off of Amazon.

23. Doesn't like to run for a workout at all! Or really walk. I don't get it.

24. Has made my own yogurt this year.

25. Is excited to celebrate my first year of marriage in 5 days! But am sad because my honey will still be out of the country! At least we made the first year! I love being married!

Hope you enjoyed this. Challenge yourself today!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sweet memory

This was also a nice pic of the boys from today. Good friends!

Good Day

This picture was one of my favorites of the day that I took. My first time using the "moby" in public! Go Me!

Ok, so I was having issues with my four year old. I was worried he wasn't feeling well and couldn't get him into his dr. until today. So I called into work and arranged for him not to go to day care. I know, I've only been working for the last week, but I had a feeling he might have something. We found out he just has an ear infection, while they are very painful, he NEVER complains his ears hurting, never has. He doesn't run temperatures, but acts out. I thought he might be acting out because Dad was gone, nope! It's his ear. So I did get the medicine for him, but I'm going to treat with ear oil instead. Yes! This is my moment of change. I feel freeing in not using conventional medicine. He has been on antibiotics already this year and now we are back to having another infection. The antis kill the good bacteria in the intestinal tract that helps prevent sickness, but takes 30 days to rebuild after medicine. So no more medicine. I will be back at the dr. in a month because his immune is down from the stuff. So no more for ear infections. 

So I didn't go to work, found out my friend was going to a homeschoolers/unschoolers outing today and decided to tag a long. What a nice group of women there, I felt comfortable and accepted. I know my son is only four, but most of my friends think I'm weird for taking my son out of "normal" preschool. My son has been doing better since we don't go to school. No more strep or lice scares, all on our time. He still needs a nap, most days. He loves to places and do things, we paint at home and I did sign up for a homeschooling website, just to check it out. Sometimes we need some structure. That's o.k. I want to make sure that he is learning things. So it was nice to be around women that didn't think I'm off my rocker. We also chatted about pediatricians and movies, tattoos, elderberry extract and extended breast feeding. I really felt like I'm not the only one out there that really wants the best for my children. I can do it. Even if I'm working three days a week. 

After this "meeting" of sorts, my girlfriend and I took the kids for "mom time" at a coffee shop. We had a good time eating Cod Salad with grilled chicken, and a spicy black bean burger, one of my favs! The kids had grilled cheese and chips, oh, and some carrots. It was nice while we drank some lovely Roi boos Vanilla tea. Good conversation, good food and they didn't kick us out for having kids with us. It wasn't the best place for kids, but they did fine.

I thought about how Love would feel if I stayed home more than we initially planned when I went back to work. I really enjoy my children and staying home. I'm really blessed by that part of my life. I couldn't ask for a better husband, because I know what he would say. "Go for it." What a blessing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not much

I don't have much to say right now, but I wanted to put something. I love my best friend, she makes me feel like I really can make choices about my life that aren't mainstream and it's o.k. We talked for over 90 min, as my phone will tell me. It was nice. So let me start with yesterday. My 4 year old wet himself, very unlike him. And he pooped in there as well. Last night he wet the bed, moved to my bed and then wet my bed and pooped in his pants again. I know that he misses Daddy, but really! I mean, I have been doing laundry non-stop all day! AHHHHHHH!

Ok, that's over. I hope tonight will be better. I have a headache for now, hope that sleep will get rid of that, and I'm taking Bug to the dr. tomorrow just to make sure things are o.k. in the ears and throat since this potty thing is really out of character for him. I think that work might be on hold tomorrow. I'm sure I only have one client that can be moved anyway. I will post some pic later. Pickle was great today, has been sleeping in his crib this week and last! Not that I don't like to co-sleep once in a while. I like my children to have their own space, I need mine. Pickle's crib is in our room for now, so it's easy at night. I love having my boys while Love is away, they are more cuddly now as well. I like when they are cuddly, but Bug isn't usually cuddly unless he doesn't feel well. I hope it's nothing. 

I love my life, but without my husband, I'm not myself.

Note to self: Husband doesn't travel without me for long time frames and vice versa! I'm so in love with him, aww. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 1

I had to wave good-bye to my honey as he went to his plane for Africa. I was sad. Today I cried, can't tell you the last time I did that, maybe a year ago? I spent most of today in tears, Love is off to help build a church in Africa along with 40 other men from around The States. It will be great for him and hard for me. Ok, so maybe leaving your "new" wife and 4 month old isn't going to be easy either. By the time we got to the car in the airport parking lot Bug was already saying that he missed Daddy. It was nice to hear that. We kind of had a rough day because Bug did want to go with and not stay home with mommy. Sometimes life is not that exciting when we stay home. He did get to have bbq riblets for dinner! One of his favorites! 

We mostly kept each other company today and I tried not to be sad. I will be more productive tomorrow. And it's church night tomorrow as well. I love Awana, but it takes up so much of my time. I am in charge of the  3rd-6th graders. Writing lessons every week is time consuming and good for me. I enjoy the kids so much, it's great to see when they get something new!

I am off to bed, all by myself. Oh well, I guess that will change in 18 days. Wow, that is a long time to be a single parent to a 4 yo and almost 4 month old! God help me. Thank you. 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sweet Success!

I can hardly believe it! My son enjoyed his first greens! In the form of a popcycle and didn't even know it! WHOOO HOOOO! I have been trying to get him to eat salad and more green veggies for months now. Then this great idea of a blog I read was talking about this Green Lemonade. Well, I thought, he is not going to drink that. So I decided he would love a popcycle of his favorite color! It worked! That makes me happy. I got lots of domestic things done, groceries, dishes and such, but not much cleaning around the house, like I thought. That's ok. I did get some of the kitchen cleaned a bit this evening.

We went to some friends house this evening that we love to just relax and enjoy each others company and play games with while our boys run around in Star Wars costumes and play with Light Sabers. It really is nice to sit and relax and enjoy our friends. My son refused to eat what was put in front of him tonight for dinner, so he went without. I'm not worried about his weight, he eats when he is hungry and sometimes will eat 4 eggs in one sitting for breakfast plus toast and bacon or sausage if it's around, so he will make up for it in the morning. 

Moving on, I didn't have any smoothies (did buy stuff to make them) or workout. Oh well. My husband thinks it's funny that I write those things on here, I think it just makes me accountable somehow. He doesn't understand, but that's o.k. by me. It makes me feel better and after all, that's what counts. 

 The pic at the top is my best one of the boys so far.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I've got to say that I love movies. I just do. But every once in a while my movie list doesn't match to others. Like some of the movies I have not seen are: Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, Annie Hall, American Graffiti, Animal House, Blazing Saddles, Cape Fear, Fatal Attraction, Vertigo, Taxi Driver, Private Benjamin, Tootsie. The list just goes on. But I am a fan of most genres (mostly I don't like gruesome horror flicks) I will give a shot to most anything (documentaries, thrillers, kung fu, now 3-d, foreign films, french musicals, love stories, comedy, dark comedy, anything thought provoking). Ok, so maybe not George Cloonie, not a fan at all. But most other movies I will attempt. We watched Wall.e this weekend at church. We have a Free Family movie night once a month that I started at our church with free popcorn and pop/soda is $.50! We have fun. I started it to hang out with my son and see a movie. Kids are not always into watching movies when they are that age so I thought, bring 'em to church. The kids can sit still or not. Be quiet or talk, it really doesn't matter, the whole family can sit together and the parents don't have to worry about their kids, see a free movie that maybe they didn't get to see in the theatre and have a theatre-like experience for the kids. I wanted families to do something together, even if no one else showed up this last week. Our family had a fun time watching the movie on the projector in our "Cafe" at church and eating popcorn. We all like movies.

Today I had a pink smoothie. Didn't workout, but did go to work. Ate healthy with a few m&ms. Enjoyed getting back to work and sharing my raw food ideas with my coworkers and discussing workout routines and kids. We always talk about kids at work, I mean, details of life with kids, being pregnant, labor, that kind of thing. People don't talk about those particular things in detail. It's nice to know that sometimes poop is the main topic in most houses, not just mine! 

Tomorrow I have the day off. I hope to grocery shopping. Clean more of the house, workout and drink one pink and one green smoothie! And Big salad for dinner! I do want to do some more knitting, making a scarf for Love.

A side note to some of the movies I do like and have seen: Kung Fu Hustle, Grease, Global Rx, Pan's Labyrinth, Darjeeling Limited, Slumdog Millionaire, Wall.e, Lars and the Real Girl, Clue, Mixed Nuts, Gone in 60 Seconds, The 5th Element, The Big Lebowski, Love Actually and Kill Bill Vol. 1&2.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sweet Music

The look on my face says it all. I'm head over heels for this wonderful caring man of my dreams. As I sit here thinking of what I want to say, I listen to him play his guitar in his beautiful way of expressing himself in the distance. A passion that seems to go on into the horizon. I long to have that desire. He means the world to me. I think of how my life has changed since I met him only just over a year ago...six weeks after meeting devoting our lives to one another and soon after becoming pregnant. I am blessed, in many ways. I must say I never thought I would marry again, but it happened, to me! I wasn't looking for my soul mate, just someone to spend some time with that would be interesting for a time, but there he drinking, music making, juggling, book enthusiast, Bible reading and thought provoking man. He took me from the first day we met, I wanted to know more about him. Soon it will be our first anniversary and he will be many miles away, thinking of me. I will be thinking of him and awaiting his safe return. I'm looking forward to hearing what God will do in his life while we are apart. 

Today was soooooo cold, I hope our furnace doesn't go out tonight. It does that every once in a while, at random. Today I didn't workout. I watched my cousin's 17 month old, adorable. Made Ratatouille and used my Jack Lalanne juicer for the first time! I made green Popsicles for Bug, he was excited and doesn't know that it has greens lettuce in it! I hope he likes them, I used a Green Lemonade recipe that was great and thought I could just freeze this for Popsicles! I hope it works, we will see tomorrow! Bug loves lemons and lemonade! I did have some m&ms and a pink smoothie today, no green smoothie for myself. 

I work tomorrow, but doubt I will be busy. This Saturday might be busy. I hope so. I had lots to do today, I think about 6 loads of laundry and one load of dishes. 

I was reading the Daily Bread for today and it was talking about God loving us and keeping track of us, He will not lose us, no matter what. It amazes me that no matter how many times I look away from Him, question Him or forget about Him, He never forgets me. I am at the forefront of His mind. I know He loves me, made me unique, wants the best for me. Yet He still allows me to be me. Knew that what I was looking for just over a year ago even when I didn't. He blessed me beyond what I expected and gave me what I needed and truly desired in my heart, the match made for me. 

Thank you for listening. I guess today was for the love of my life and best friend, John. I love you. I am blessed by you every day.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weird Science

Fun Day

I had a fairly nice day with my boys! They are great! I slept in a little after Pickle's schedule went askew from Day Care yesterday. That's ok. We went to the Science center and met some friends there with their kids as well. It was nice to meet up and have fun. We had a incident and one of the boys had to leave for being mean, Good Job mom! That was nice to see and she was great about it, very direct and loving. 

I got the stuff ready for Awana for tomorrow. So that is pretty much it. I read a few blogs, looked on amazon for some books I would like to get sometime. Nap tip was hard to get to today. Both of the  boys were fighting the sleep, but it was obvious nap was desperately needed. Finally they got down, I got a few things done on the computer in time to start dinner. I made TLT Salad. I marinated tempeh, our first, roasted tomatoes and plopped it all down on some spring mix greens! topped with avocado and parm cheese! yum! 

I didn't have one smoothie today, I will get up early to make one for me and for Love, he deserves it! I didn't workout today. Love got me a new pillow for my ever hurting neck. I will get a massage soon, I'm sure of it. "I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes...."

Tomorrow, workout and have two smoothies! I will also make ratatouille for dinner! yum yum!  I think. I get to watch my cousins 17 month old for a few hours tomorrow as well. I hope that goes well. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

A new day

A bunch of news, Pickle went to Day Care for the first time today...he did well, ate, slept, pooped! 
Perfect! Bug played and ate and I'm sure pooped as well. He had fun with his old buddies. I enjoyed a snow day at work! We had no clients, which is fine. I moved my stuff into a room to call my own, for now. I cleaned out my junk that had been left behind there, it was fine. Wrote a few clients to let them know I was back, it felt good. 

Tonight Bug had a meltdown and I ended up feeling like I should end it and rock him to sleep instead of dad cleaning up my mess I made with him. It ended nice, so I can sleep tonight as well. Trying to teach a spirited four year old good choices in food is a difficult task. I am trying and sticking to my guns, not always an easy task.  Good first day back. After Bug went to sleep love and I watched some more on IPTV about India, which has kind of been our theme for almost three weeks now. Played a few games of WiiBowling! and bought Wii World of Goo. Love had to try it out before we go to bed, looks addictive. I might be in trouble tomorrow. 

I need to get Awana ready for my leaders to teach and myself prepared. We are also going to the Science Center tomorrow with some friends, that will be fun!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend of fun!

We had a great weekend. Love took Bug sledding for the first time! They had a great time, except being underdressed. I wish I could have gone, but Pickle wanted to sleep and I thought it was best to keep him home this time. I did get some laundry and dishes done this weekend. I made no-meat chili again. We also had movie night at church, kind of a flop, we were the only ones and stayed anyway to enjoy our movie and popcorn! 

I will make this post short, it's my new bedtime for tomorrow I am working, I read my Bible and church was nice today. God really filled the hearts of the people there! We found out that good friends of ours are going to be grandparents to twins, with a little help from science, but mostly God! We have been praying for them for a couple of years now! Yeah for answered prayers. 

I need to post some pics, Love took some great ones of them sledding, very enjoyable. My love leaves for Africa a week from Tuesday and I will be home with our boys, kind of lonely for me, but it will be good for him to experience God in a different way and in a different place. I'm really excited to see what God does while they are there doing some kind of building project. My Dad will be with him and I hope this will be some bonding time for them as well. It's nice that they work well together on house projects and live well next door. We are blessed. Pickle went into the church nursery today for the first time, I bought some bottles to take to his first day of day care and got my pump ready for the travel. I pray this all works out and Pickle doesn't have too much anxiety tomorrow about a new caretaker. I'm glad she is so good with Babies...

I need to sleep. Good night.

Friday, January 9, 2009


The hunger strikes again. Ok, so I didn't blog last night, I feel asleep before I got the chance. I have noticed in my foods, some reactions my body is having towards sugar, the processed refined sugars in processed foods. I thought I was doing ok. But three nights this week I had these yummy frozen coconut bars that claim they are all natural, come to find out HFCS is in them and half an hour after eating these I have been crashing. I ate one more last night, just to make sure...yep. So, I guess those as out for me!

I'm hungry right now.....Oh, this week I made raw Avocado soup and today I made raw Carrot Soup, both yummie. I think I liked the avocado better, not really sure. They were both so good. Yesterday I made turkey loaf, my first meat  product of the week. Not bad, but I couldn't eat all that was on my plate. I need to get to the store, we need some fresh ingredients. I made almond mylk for the first time today. Now I have something to work with. Thank you Ani Phyo and my good friend Angie, for introducing me to her! I think this will be a nice change, and cheaper for our family, which is double good. Now maybe I need a nut mylk bag, our blender isn't that great. I have been wanting to borrow my Mom's magic bullet to see how it would do with some nuts and things...I do like our blender and we don't have $400 for a Blendtec, one day we will. I have to save up for that.

 I haven't workout since Tuesday, and Pickle got a shot on Wednesday so yesterday was crazy with him. Bug has been really fun this week, we watched Harry Potter on the couch yesterday, he has been making up songs, which are adorable. It's so fun to see his mind and imagination go. We also listened to music yesterday. Imagination Movers and Choo Choo Soul are the new picks for now! 

I haven't read my Bible in a few days so tonight I need to check out Daily Bread, that really helps me out, keeps my on track.

I am wanting to try a Chocolate Smoothie, one with greens in it...I will let you know how that goes.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


It is now 5am. Yep, I fell asleep before I got to blog last night.  I didn't think I was that tired. I recently decided and was inspired to pick up knitting. I taught myself a few years ago, made a scarf for my cousin as a present and then forgot about it, kind of a "I've done that, now moving on" type of thought. So as I was at the local Stuff Mart yesterday I picked up some yarn and needles and decided to start over and make a wonderful scarf for my Love, he needs one and I thought it would be a fun project to work towards. I haven't failed so far and keep flipping through this book to make sure I am doing the stitches correctly, I have already started over once, but there is already a challenge, I'm knitting with two colors! What was I thinking, but it has been fun trying to get my fingers moving like that again. 

Last night was Awana and we are teaching the ids evangelism, which I think is very important, but I'm not sure this the right time for my kids to be doing this, it is just part of our yearly calendar. They like it though, so that makes it fun. The kids like all the details of the stories and I can see by the questions that they ask about the Bible "stories" that it has a new meaning for them. My girls in particular are so much fun, we had 23 kids in the 3-5th grades, T&Ters (truth and training, as they are called) are my kids that I'm in charge of. Recently we split the boys and girls until our Game Time. So while we have our "Council Time" the girls and boys are in different rooms, that seems to have been working really well. The girls don't seemed as distracted. I think the boy leaders like it too, the boys were trying to show off for the girls.

Today was day three of keeping my Bug home from school. We had a good time, went out for lunch and took him food shopping, which he loves, but stills asks for something while we are there, in the toys. Right now we just can't get him new stuff, especially after Christmas. I spent more for him than I normally do, so he will have to wait. He does like to use his money and brought $.75 with him. He tried to give it away to whoever that would listen, it was funny. In the car today we were singing a song that I made up about Pickle to the tune of Are you sleeping? Bug decided that he was going to tell mommy he loves in this new song, then made it for Daddy and then Tess (our dog) and continued fro Grandma and Grandpa. It was sweet. His first real song with a tune. I was very proud. Today I will call the school to let them know BUg will not be coming back this year.

To be honest with you I just read my devo for yesterday and nothing really jumped out at me.  I will write more devo stuff later tonight. At least I wrote about my day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


All I can think about some days is food. I start looking at blogs that are vegetarian or vegan and then I come to raw foodie blogs. They entice me into wanting know more, and then 2 hours later I'm still looking at recipes or reading the blog of how they got to where they's all very addicting. I want to know more, what is the perfect balance in that structure so I get all the protein I need and have enough energy to breast feed and to do household chores and workout and keep up with my four year old. AHHHH, very overwhelming at times. I want to get more organized, I need that to happen. That's all there is to it. I am consumed by my house and all the clutter. I need some help. I need to throw away things and give away things...I just have to or my house will explode.

Now that that is out, I can breathe. I'm not sure how well I am currently spelling. I am tired and I'm typing with one hand at the moment. 

Bug had a good day, for the most part. We played and I made him a lunch he had never had, I'm proud he tried one almond and took a single bite of cucumber sandwich! Success! THen asked for real milk when he tasted the vanilla rice milk, oh well. I will keep trying. He was fine. He went to Grandma and Grandpa house for dinner and a little play time before bed. Bedtime went well, my Love went to jam with some friends, which I found out they all three play guitar. I thought to myself, how boring, but it's good for him to keep in touch with his friends. So encouraged it. It was nice to have the boys to myself this evening. I used to do bedtime, but my husband took over so he can spend that time with Bug since I stay home during the day with him. It's really sweet. It's a good deal, but I usually go up afterward and get to sing to Bug (don't know how long that will last, but it's great now!)

Tomorrow Pickle gets his monthly shot, I'm not sure about it but since he will be going to daycare two days a week I think it's a good idea. I plan on still nursing as much as I can and pumping at work, I haven't figured out where yet, maybe in my car for now. It will work out. I'm having a little anxiety with leaving Pickle so soon, but it's been such a blessing that I could be home this long. Financially right now I need to work, and maybe down the road my business will be enough that Love will stay home with the boys. I think that would be great for everyone. I love my work and  Love could care less, would do it from home if he could. But he does get better benefits than I ever will. Oh well, there is some trade off.

Today's Devo is from Matt. 18:1-5 Verse 3 "Unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven."

I think about my faith and my kids that I teach on Wednesday nights and how open they are and the questions that they bring, what they deal with at school and home (most of them from broken families) and yet they still come and believe God will move and perform miracles. This last Sunday was eye opening, why don't we expect miracles to happen on a daily basis? Are they happening and I just don't see them. I know the expect the sun to come up and set and the moon and stars, but what if God stopped all that? What if the earth did stand still. Science says that if that were to happen we would collide into the sun. Would God stop that from happening? I think so, He loves us. Deeper than we can imagine, with more passion than I can fathom. Why are we the planet He visited? There are so many other planet out there? Why were we given free will? We have the freedom to live for Him or ignore Him....

"Faith shines brightest in a childlike heart." -Daily Bread

Last night Devo

Last night I read the Daily bread and here it was in a nutshell: Read Proverbs 10:11-21. First of all I hate Proverbs, well, it's better now. But when I was in Youth group we studied Proverbs for our Bible Quiz, so I was burnt out for along time on Proverbs, now it's getting better, it is so wise....

The verse they concentrate on is: Proverbs 10:19 "He who restrains his lips is wise."

The thought that went through my mind is to be more kind to my wonderful loving and caring husband, because he's not going anywhere. He will be there for me, just I am there for him. Love him more. Be kind with what I say. I love you, honey.

At the end the little phrase that has kept with me still is: "The tongue is a small organ that creates either discord or harmony." 

It is up to me to make that choice.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tired today

So Pickle didn't sleep as usual last night, so here it is 9pm and I feel as if it 11:30! My bed is calling, but I had a great day! I worked out with fittv, belly dancing! then the wiifit for about 15 minutes doing stairs and boxing! I just love that thing. I had a pink smoothie and a small green one for dinner with couscous soup for dinner...I did eat M&Ms today, my downfall, oh well, tomorrow is another day. I can't beat myself up over little things. I still don't have my car, getting brakes worked on, so maybe tomorrow I can get it?! 

Pickle is restless tonight, eating not much and falling asleep just to be moved and wake up again, ahhh, a little frustrating. I guess a couples bad night of sleep can't be all that bad. I'm glad I worked out, ate fairly decent, got a load of laundry done and made a food menu for this week. Not too bad, but more organizing to be seen.

I did have a great conversation with a good friend of mine today, I call her my bff. that makes me laugh and think I'm still in 3rd grade. She home schools and is very encouraging in that area that I am contemplating for our family. Thank you! 

I bought the lovely laptop lunch box for my son and we used it for the first time today, it went over really well. I'm hoping it will help him be more adventurous in his food choices, maybe he will try something new this week! 

I was told today that I can start working three days a week starting next week. I'm excited and nervous. Baby Pickle is only 3 months old and now I'm taking him to day care two days a week. I hope he adjusts well and Bug loves it there, so I'm not worried about him. It will be good for both of them to have other people to interact with. And for me, I enjoy my career choice, not many people can say that, I have missed it and now I can go back to my regular clients! I hope it's busy enough to make it worth my time.

No more to say, bed is calling.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Relaxing Sunday

Today was nice. Church was sooooo good, I haven't felt that way about church in a while. God was there, His presence evident. I was prayed over (my husbands old house to get rented out soon, me going back to work, homeschooling for my four year old). Many things to mull over this new year!

We went to my aunt and uncle's house after church for brunch. It was nice and the food was great! Then we watched "Darjeeling Limited". A perfect relaxing Sunday movie. I enjoyed spending time with my hubby, as usual. We came home and all took a nap! Woke up to my honey making dinner, salad, as usual for dinner in our house. Bug had eggs and garlic bread. I have such a hard time getting him to eat veggies anymore not from a can. I guess we should have corn on the cob more often, but the greens are what I'm concerned about right now. See, my Love and I are doing more raw foods in our eating (diet isn't the right word) lifestyle. Drinking green smoothies and the like, my four year old on the other hand hasn't been impressed. Maybe we can make his starting with strawberry kefir, banana, and see if I can get some spinach into it. He loves cashews and peanut butter, just got him eating carrots, raw. maybe steamed might be the way to go. I need to make a list for him to try this month, and maybe take him with to pick out a veggie he wants to try!

My list for Bug:
red peppers
green peppers
couscous (didn't touch it all summer)
noodles (we keep trying)
tacos (veggie style)
falafel (baked)
green salad
almond/hazelnut milk
my homemade yogurt

That will be it for now, I will let you know how it goes. My love and I got to watch one of my favorite movies tonight while we relaxed on the couch,"Clue". Cracks me up...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

no longer tired. so i'm

no longer tired. so i'm up and playing with my blog and still figuring this all out since i am new to this stuff! sleep well all.

today continues

o.k. here is the day in short:
found out my car needs some brake work done
worked out
played wii boxing with my dad
had vension chili
played scrabble with Love and my folks
won a scrabble game!
found out my old recorder days in elementary school came in handy
did some laundry
took the christmas tree down
put most of the christmas stuff into "the box"
sang to Bug at bedtime
had a fight with Love 

All in all it's been a day. My arms are tired and my legs seem to be as well. It's a good tired. I didn't have any smoothie, did have a Big salad for lunch! And had my first Kefir (not bad)! Can't wait to read my Vegan Lunch Box book. Read some of the recipes, can't wait to try them!
I'm tired and feel like cleaning, I didn't get done with as much cleaning as I wanted to today....there is always tomorrow.

Not over

So I'm just looking at other blogs and listening to my dear husband playing his beautiful guitar in the basement, Bug is napping, we think, and Pickle is to. All of us in different rooms. I think will start to clean the living room and take down the tree decor, my folks came over for a bit for Bug to show them how to play wii sports. Bug lost at bowling, which was sad, he usually wins every time to Love and I! Maybe he was just off his game today. I workout for 30 minutes on the wiifit! Go me! I'm sure I will write more later....

Friday, January 2, 2009


So I met with my boss to discuss me coming back to work and we worked up a three day week schedule! I was hoping that all would go well. I didn't have any smoothies today, did take both my sons to my meeting and took them to MD's, yeah, i know, but it was fun, they have a great place for Bug to run around, we invited my cousin's girlfriend and sons as well, nice time. Then I took the boys back to my folks for my mom to watch them so I could get groceries! It seemed to take forever! I cam e home and fed Pickle, put food away, and went back over to get the boys. By the time we came home it was time to have a social life. We took food to a friend's house that just had a baby, then went to my cousins (they have two boys as well) they all get along so nicely, most of the time. We watched "Chocolat" and had juice, popcorn (lime and salt flavored), and what I call kid mix (cashews, raisins, cheerios, and of course m&ms!). It went over well. They boys fell asleep, except our oldest, whom threw a fit when we said it was time to go. Oh, well, I got to sing him to sleep, which I love to do and now I'm ready for bed myself as my honey awaits me upstairs while I finish closing up the house. Oh, I almost forgot, I got a book that I've been waiting for, Vegan Lunch Box. I can't wait to read it, I skimmed through some of the items....

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Today was very nice and relaxing....
slept in, all of us!
started my calendar of birthdays and anniversaries! 
dropped the kids at my folks'
watched "Slumdog Millionare"
ate buttered popcorn and chai
played scrabbled with my honey and my parents and had a nice salad for dinner. we came home, put Bug to sleep and Pickle fell asleep in my arms during that time after nursing, the i cuddled with my amazing, funny, and loving husband and we fell asleep on the couch. woke up about 10pm! and realized we were falling asleep and are going to bed for sleep earlier then either one of have in a long time. i need to go get groceries tomorrow!!!!