Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not much

I don't have much to say right now, but I wanted to put something. I love my best friend, she makes me feel like I really can make choices about my life that aren't mainstream and it's o.k. We talked for over 90 min, as my phone will tell me. It was nice. So let me start with yesterday. My 4 year old wet himself, very unlike him. And he pooped in there as well. Last night he wet the bed, moved to my bed and then wet my bed and pooped in his pants again. I know that he misses Daddy, but really! I mean, I have been doing laundry non-stop all day! AHHHHHHH!

Ok, that's over. I hope tonight will be better. I have a headache for now, hope that sleep will get rid of that, and I'm taking Bug to the dr. tomorrow just to make sure things are o.k. in the ears and throat since this potty thing is really out of character for him. I think that work might be on hold tomorrow. I'm sure I only have one client that can be moved anyway. I will post some pic later. Pickle was great today, has been sleeping in his crib this week and last! Not that I don't like to co-sleep once in a while. I like my children to have their own space, I need mine. Pickle's crib is in our room for now, so it's easy at night. I love having my boys while Love is away, they are more cuddly now as well. I like when they are cuddly, but Bug isn't usually cuddly unless he doesn't feel well. I hope it's nothing. 

I love my life, but without my husband, I'm not myself.

Note to self: Husband doesn't travel without me for long time frames and vice versa! I'm so in love with him, aww. 

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