Thursday, January 8, 2009


It is now 5am. Yep, I fell asleep before I got to blog last night.  I didn't think I was that tired. I recently decided and was inspired to pick up knitting. I taught myself a few years ago, made a scarf for my cousin as a present and then forgot about it, kind of a "I've done that, now moving on" type of thought. So as I was at the local Stuff Mart yesterday I picked up some yarn and needles and decided to start over and make a wonderful scarf for my Love, he needs one and I thought it would be a fun project to work towards. I haven't failed so far and keep flipping through this book to make sure I am doing the stitches correctly, I have already started over once, but there is already a challenge, I'm knitting with two colors! What was I thinking, but it has been fun trying to get my fingers moving like that again. 

Last night was Awana and we are teaching the ids evangelism, which I think is very important, but I'm not sure this the right time for my kids to be doing this, it is just part of our yearly calendar. They like it though, so that makes it fun. The kids like all the details of the stories and I can see by the questions that they ask about the Bible "stories" that it has a new meaning for them. My girls in particular are so much fun, we had 23 kids in the 3-5th grades, T&Ters (truth and training, as they are called) are my kids that I'm in charge of. Recently we split the boys and girls until our Game Time. So while we have our "Council Time" the girls and boys are in different rooms, that seems to have been working really well. The girls don't seemed as distracted. I think the boy leaders like it too, the boys were trying to show off for the girls.

Today was day three of keeping my Bug home from school. We had a good time, went out for lunch and took him food shopping, which he loves, but stills asks for something while we are there, in the toys. Right now we just can't get him new stuff, especially after Christmas. I spent more for him than I normally do, so he will have to wait. He does like to use his money and brought $.75 with him. He tried to give it away to whoever that would listen, it was funny. In the car today we were singing a song that I made up about Pickle to the tune of Are you sleeping? Bug decided that he was going to tell mommy he loves in this new song, then made it for Daddy and then Tess (our dog) and continued fro Grandma and Grandpa. It was sweet. His first real song with a tune. I was very proud. Today I will call the school to let them know BUg will not be coming back this year.

To be honest with you I just read my devo for yesterday and nothing really jumped out at me.  I will write more devo stuff later tonight. At least I wrote about my day.

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  1. Sounds like a good day! When do you start back to work? I wish I were shopping with you Wed.