Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend of fun!

We had a great weekend. Love took Bug sledding for the first time! They had a great time, except being underdressed. I wish I could have gone, but Pickle wanted to sleep and I thought it was best to keep him home this time. I did get some laundry and dishes done this weekend. I made no-meat chili again. We also had movie night at church, kind of a flop, we were the only ones and stayed anyway to enjoy our movie and popcorn! 

I will make this post short, it's my new bedtime for tomorrow I am working, I read my Bible and church was nice today. God really filled the hearts of the people there! We found out that good friends of ours are going to be grandparents to twins, with a little help from science, but mostly God! We have been praying for them for a couple of years now! Yeah for answered prayers. 

I need to post some pics, Love took some great ones of them sledding, very enjoyable. My love leaves for Africa a week from Tuesday and I will be home with our boys, kind of lonely for me, but it will be good for him to experience God in a different way and in a different place. I'm really excited to see what God does while they are there doing some kind of building project. My Dad will be with him and I hope this will be some bonding time for them as well. It's nice that they work well together on house projects and live well next door. We are blessed. Pickle went into the church nursery today for the first time, I bought some bottles to take to his first day of day care and got my pump ready for the travel. I pray this all works out and Pickle doesn't have too much anxiety tomorrow about a new caretaker. I'm glad she is so good with Babies...

I need to sleep. Good night.

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