Saturday, January 3, 2009

today continues

o.k. here is the day in short:
found out my car needs some brake work done
worked out
played wii boxing with my dad
had vension chili
played scrabble with Love and my folks
won a scrabble game!
found out my old recorder days in elementary school came in handy
did some laundry
took the christmas tree down
put most of the christmas stuff into "the box"
sang to Bug at bedtime
had a fight with Love 

All in all it's been a day. My arms are tired and my legs seem to be as well. It's a good tired. I didn't have any smoothie, did have a Big salad for lunch! And had my first Kefir (not bad)! Can't wait to read my Vegan Lunch Box book. Read some of the recipes, can't wait to try them!
I'm tired and feel like cleaning, I didn't get done with as much cleaning as I wanted to today....there is always tomorrow.

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