Friday, January 2, 2009


So I met with my boss to discuss me coming back to work and we worked up a three day week schedule! I was hoping that all would go well. I didn't have any smoothies today, did take both my sons to my meeting and took them to MD's, yeah, i know, but it was fun, they have a great place for Bug to run around, we invited my cousin's girlfriend and sons as well, nice time. Then I took the boys back to my folks for my mom to watch them so I could get groceries! It seemed to take forever! I cam e home and fed Pickle, put food away, and went back over to get the boys. By the time we came home it was time to have a social life. We took food to a friend's house that just had a baby, then went to my cousins (they have two boys as well) they all get along so nicely, most of the time. We watched "Chocolat" and had juice, popcorn (lime and salt flavored), and what I call kid mix (cashews, raisins, cheerios, and of course m&ms!). It went over well. They boys fell asleep, except our oldest, whom threw a fit when we said it was time to go. Oh, well, I got to sing him to sleep, which I love to do and now I'm ready for bed myself as my honey awaits me upstairs while I finish closing up the house. Oh, I almost forgot, I got a book that I've been waiting for, Vegan Lunch Box. I can't wait to read it, I skimmed through some of the items....

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