Tuesday, January 6, 2009


All I can think about some days is food. I start looking at blogs that are vegetarian or vegan and then I come to raw foodie blogs. They entice me into wanting know more, and then 2 hours later I'm still looking at recipes or reading the blog of how they got to where they are....it's all very addicting. I want to know more, what is the perfect balance in that structure so I get all the protein I need and have enough energy to breast feed and to do household chores and workout and keep up with my four year old. AHHHH, very overwhelming at times. I want to get more organized, I need that to happen. That's all there is to it. I am consumed by my house and all the clutter. I need some help. I need to throw away things and give away things...I just have to or my house will explode.

Now that that is out, I can breathe. I'm not sure how well I am currently spelling. I am tired and I'm typing with one hand at the moment. 

Bug had a good day, for the most part. We played and I made him a lunch he had never had, I'm proud he tried one almond and took a single bite of cucumber sandwich! Success! THen asked for real milk when he tasted the vanilla rice milk, oh well. I will keep trying. He was fine. He went to Grandma and Grandpa house for dinner and a little play time before bed. Bedtime went well, my Love went to jam with some friends, which I found out they all three play guitar. I thought to myself, how boring, but it's good for him to keep in touch with his friends. So encouraged it. It was nice to have the boys to myself this evening. I used to do bedtime, but my husband took over so he can spend that time with Bug since I stay home during the day with him. It's really sweet. It's a good deal, but I usually go up afterward and get to sing to Bug (don't know how long that will last, but it's great now!)

Tomorrow Pickle gets his monthly shot, I'm not sure about it but since he will be going to daycare two days a week I think it's a good idea. I plan on still nursing as much as I can and pumping at work, I haven't figured out where yet, maybe in my car for now. It will work out. I'm having a little anxiety with leaving Pickle so soon, but it's been such a blessing that I could be home this long. Financially right now I need to work, and maybe down the road my business will be enough that Love will stay home with the boys. I think that would be great for everyone. I love my work and  Love could care less, would do it from home if he could. But he does get better benefits than I ever will. Oh well, there is some trade off.

Today's Devo is from Matt. 18:1-5 Verse 3 "Unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven."

I think about my faith and my kids that I teach on Wednesday nights and how open they are and the questions that they bring, what they deal with at school and home (most of them from broken families) and yet they still come and believe God will move and perform miracles. This last Sunday was eye opening, why don't we expect miracles to happen on a daily basis? Are they happening and I just don't see them. I know the expect the sun to come up and set and the moon and stars, but what if God stopped all that? What if the earth did stand still. Science says that if that were to happen we would collide into the sun. Would God stop that from happening? I think so, He loves us. Deeper than we can imagine, with more passion than I can fathom. Why are we the planet He visited? There are so many other planet out there? Why were we given free will? We have the freedom to live for Him or ignore Him....

"Faith shines brightest in a childlike heart." -Daily Bread

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  1. Dawn, I like having J&D blogs bookmarked so I can know your family more than once a month or so. This is great.

    Can you pump in a massage room? Or breakroom? It seems silly for women to have to make a place to pump or breastfeed anymore.

    I saw in your profile you want to learn Reiki and I do too. Jen has been doing it for a year or more and it goes so well with massages and pedicures! Plus, it is a quick class. I'm ready.