Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I enjoyed my day, mostly. I am ready for bed. I had most of my pink smoothie, not much of anything else, oh wait. I did have a beef burger at church tonight and a few almond/caramel/chocolate treats. They were good. I worked out, not really sure how long, but I already feel it in my muscles. I decided to start this week my Yoga Booty Ballet dvds that I got three years ago. I will follow their plan for 10 weeks and maybe continue after that. It's nice to have a plan. I made a chart for myself so I can look at it and see how well I'm doing! Go me!

We were going to get haircut/color extensions in today. Bug needed a trim and so did I. We were late and rescheduled for later today... That's o.k. My girlfriend has been talking about this wonderful art class she takes her boys to on Wednesdays, so I thought we might try it out. This lady is great she teaches any age different medias for teaching art, or creating. Whatever you want to call it. I'm really excited to see how he progresses. He hasn't really been interested until recently about these things and I'm not really great at thinking about what activities would be good for him in this area, not my forte. So, that is exciting, he said he really liked it today. Meanwhile I got to hangout with my girlfriend and a very recent friend that I have met after reading her blog off and on for a while now. It was nice. Chatted about cloth diapers and tea and pastries. 

Then we got home to rest of a while before hair appointments. I wasn't going to miss this, it has been almost a year since I've had my pink hair and I have been waiting for this. So I got my pink and decided to mix it up a little and put some blue in as well, perfect! Looks great, as you can see. Bug got his haircut and found a present from Daddy,  a Bumble Bee Transformer. Which took me three tries to put back into a car form. I drank lots of water today and took a nap before church. Awana was o.k. we had 23 kids on my group, they were a little talkative, but it worked out well in the end. I was tired after and came home to find out Pickle (who was with g'ma) hadn't eaten much, was on his third diaper and was fussy most of the time. So off to bed with us all. Got Bug to bed, no bath (he was not listening to me) and fed Pickle a few times before he fell asleep and got to talk with my little sister in the Philippines, we don't get to talk often, she is really busy. I guess I am pretty busy too. It was nice, she sounds good and happy (but has a cold) and excited about her first pregnancy, I'm excited for them. It will be fun to see her and her hubby as parents after 9 years of just them. They will come to the States for a while after baby is born this summer. I'm excited and it will be nice for our children to be around each other for a while. 

I have been looking a mission stuff overseas again. I really want and fell God calling me to China still. So I looked and found a Drama Instructor in Hong Kong through the mission group my sister went through. I also looked into visiting the Jesus People in Chi-town. I would love to take Bug there and show him how to help others in different ways. The community living, the shelters and Elderly living homes they have, thrift stores and handyman things they have set up. I was excited to find out that they can house a family for up to a week! I think that when Love gets back that we should look into something like this for this year or next, even if it's just a long weekend sometime. I know we are planning to go out to OR in the spring, I believe. Loves family is there. 

O.k. so I am rambling....I need to sleep. I work tomorrow and need to take the trash out, do laundry and dishes are always there. I love my friends a family. It's nice to be loved. Pray.

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