Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun Day

I had a fairly nice day with my boys! They are great! I slept in a little after Pickle's schedule went askew from Day Care yesterday. That's ok. We went to the Science center and met some friends there with their kids as well. It was nice to meet up and have fun. We had a incident and one of the boys had to leave for being mean, Good Job mom! That was nice to see and she was great about it, very direct and loving. 

I got the stuff ready for Awana for tomorrow. So that is pretty much it. I read a few blogs, looked on amazon for some books I would like to get sometime. Nap tip was hard to get to today. Both of the  boys were fighting the sleep, but it was obvious nap was desperately needed. Finally they got down, I got a few things done on the computer in time to start dinner. I made TLT Salad. I marinated tempeh, our first, roasted tomatoes and plopped it all down on some spring mix greens! topped with avocado and parm cheese! yum! 

I didn't have one smoothie today, I will get up early to make one for me and for Love, he deserves it! I didn't workout today. Love got me a new pillow for my ever hurting neck. I will get a massage soon, I'm sure of it. "I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes...."

Tomorrow, workout and have two smoothies! I will also make ratatouille for dinner! yum yum!  I think. I get to watch my cousins 17 month old for a few hours tomorrow as well. I hope that goes well. 

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