Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Day

This picture was one of my favorites of the day that I took. My first time using the "moby" in public! Go Me!

Ok, so I was having issues with my four year old. I was worried he wasn't feeling well and couldn't get him into his dr. until today. So I called into work and arranged for him not to go to day care. I know, I've only been working for the last week, but I had a feeling he might have something. We found out he just has an ear infection, while they are very painful, he NEVER complains his ears hurting, never has. He doesn't run temperatures, but acts out. I thought he might be acting out because Dad was gone, nope! It's his ear. So I did get the medicine for him, but I'm going to treat with ear oil instead. Yes! This is my moment of change. I feel freeing in not using conventional medicine. He has been on antibiotics already this year and now we are back to having another infection. The antis kill the good bacteria in the intestinal tract that helps prevent sickness, but takes 30 days to rebuild after medicine. So no more medicine. I will be back at the dr. in a month because his immune is down from the stuff. So no more for ear infections. 

So I didn't go to work, found out my friend was going to a homeschoolers/unschoolers outing today and decided to tag a long. What a nice group of women there, I felt comfortable and accepted. I know my son is only four, but most of my friends think I'm weird for taking my son out of "normal" preschool. My son has been doing better since we don't go to school. No more strep or lice scares, all on our time. He still needs a nap, most days. He loves to places and do things, we paint at home and I did sign up for a homeschooling website, just to check it out. Sometimes we need some structure. That's o.k. I want to make sure that he is learning things. So it was nice to be around women that didn't think I'm off my rocker. We also chatted about pediatricians and movies, tattoos, elderberry extract and extended breast feeding. I really felt like I'm not the only one out there that really wants the best for my children. I can do it. Even if I'm working three days a week. 

After this "meeting" of sorts, my girlfriend and I took the kids for "mom time" at a coffee shop. We had a good time eating Cod Salad with grilled chicken, and a spicy black bean burger, one of my favs! The kids had grilled cheese and chips, oh, and some carrots. It was nice while we drank some lovely Roi boos Vanilla tea. Good conversation, good food and they didn't kick us out for having kids with us. It wasn't the best place for kids, but they did fine.

I thought about how Love would feel if I stayed home more than we initially planned when I went back to work. I really enjoy my children and staying home. I'm really blessed by that part of my life. I couldn't ask for a better husband, because I know what he would say. "Go for it." What a blessing.

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