Thursday, January 29, 2009

My First Anniversary

So one year ago today was my wonderful wedding on a very windy and bitter cold day. I remember it fondly and only regret that we didn't have more of our family and friends around us. I finally found the man of my dreams, my best friend and my life partner in crime! He makes me a better person, so needless to say that I miss him. I don't feel myself. Today was the first time I felt we got into a rhythm without Love here. It is the half way mark until he gets back! He did call from Africa today, what a nice surprise! He said that he wished we would have arranged for me to get flowers today, but he has given me the best present. I can't tell you what that is...

Enough about that. It was a boring day without the kids, I was working. I had no clients, but got to chat with my co-workers: always talking about giving birth, food, exercise, food, more food. You get the idea, we all have great ideas, but we don't all practice what we preach. I think that most of us eat right in front of one another at work, it's a kind of pressure. And we all know that we are all trying to eat better in general. That was what my day was.
Actually, it started off great. Bug was nice and Pickle let me sleep in a bit. I worked out again, three days in a row. I had half of a pink smoothie and a green smoothie. For dinner I had carrots and pnut butter, a pickle, some cheese and drank some water.

Bug stayed at gma's house this evening and Pickle fell asleep early, about 9ish. So I have been reading my new books (my order from amazon came today). I'm so excited. A raw foods book, a square foot gardening book, and i started my China Study book a few days ago. I'm not a reader, sad to say, but I like to learn and cook (or not with the raw foods). So I have some work ahead of me. I read a little of each of those books. I also got a book for my honey and a book about raising my child's i.q. before kindergarten...we will see.

I am glad to have tomorrow off and I have a full day of clients on Saturday. Next Saturday I have off! I'm wondering about working less already, I miss my boys while I am at work, especially when I'm not busy! I am going to bed. I'm not very exciting today, sorry about that.

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