Friday, January 16, 2009

Sweet Success!

I can hardly believe it! My son enjoyed his first greens! In the form of a popcycle and didn't even know it! WHOOO HOOOO! I have been trying to get him to eat salad and more green veggies for months now. Then this great idea of a blog I read was talking about this Green Lemonade. Well, I thought, he is not going to drink that. So I decided he would love a popcycle of his favorite color! It worked! That makes me happy. I got lots of domestic things done, groceries, dishes and such, but not much cleaning around the house, like I thought. That's ok. I did get some of the kitchen cleaned a bit this evening.

We went to some friends house this evening that we love to just relax and enjoy each others company and play games with while our boys run around in Star Wars costumes and play with Light Sabers. It really is nice to sit and relax and enjoy our friends. My son refused to eat what was put in front of him tonight for dinner, so he went without. I'm not worried about his weight, he eats when he is hungry and sometimes will eat 4 eggs in one sitting for breakfast plus toast and bacon or sausage if it's around, so he will make up for it in the morning. 

Moving on, I didn't have any smoothies (did buy stuff to make them) or workout. Oh well. My husband thinks it's funny that I write those things on here, I think it just makes me accountable somehow. He doesn't understand, but that's o.k. by me. It makes me feel better and after all, that's what counts. 

 The pic at the top is my best one of the boys so far.


  1. Dawn,

    That top picture is AWESOME! I have put it as my desktop background so I can look at it throughout the day.


  2. I agree, Dawn and Jen. This top photo is adorable. They look content and ecstatic.