Monday, January 5, 2009

Tired today

So Pickle didn't sleep as usual last night, so here it is 9pm and I feel as if it 11:30! My bed is calling, but I had a great day! I worked out with fittv, belly dancing! then the wiifit for about 15 minutes doing stairs and boxing! I just love that thing. I had a pink smoothie and a small green one for dinner with couscous soup for dinner...I did eat M&Ms today, my downfall, oh well, tomorrow is another day. I can't beat myself up over little things. I still don't have my car, getting brakes worked on, so maybe tomorrow I can get it?! 

Pickle is restless tonight, eating not much and falling asleep just to be moved and wake up again, ahhh, a little frustrating. I guess a couples bad night of sleep can't be all that bad. I'm glad I worked out, ate fairly decent, got a load of laundry done and made a food menu for this week. Not too bad, but more organizing to be seen.

I did have a great conversation with a good friend of mine today, I call her my bff. that makes me laugh and think I'm still in 3rd grade. She home schools and is very encouraging in that area that I am contemplating for our family. Thank you! 

I bought the lovely laptop lunch box for my son and we used it for the first time today, it went over really well. I'm hoping it will help him be more adventurous in his food choices, maybe he will try something new this week! 

I was told today that I can start working three days a week starting next week. I'm excited and nervous. Baby Pickle is only 3 months old and now I'm taking him to day care two days a week. I hope he adjusts well and Bug loves it there, so I'm not worried about him. It will be good for both of them to have other people to interact with. And for me, I enjoy my career choice, not many people can say that, I have missed it and now I can go back to my regular clients! I hope it's busy enough to make it worth my time.

No more to say, bed is calling.

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