Thursday, January 15, 2009


I've got to say that I love movies. I just do. But every once in a while my movie list doesn't match to others. Like some of the movies I have not seen are: Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, Annie Hall, American Graffiti, Animal House, Blazing Saddles, Cape Fear, Fatal Attraction, Vertigo, Taxi Driver, Private Benjamin, Tootsie. The list just goes on. But I am a fan of most genres (mostly I don't like gruesome horror flicks) I will give a shot to most anything (documentaries, thrillers, kung fu, now 3-d, foreign films, french musicals, love stories, comedy, dark comedy, anything thought provoking). Ok, so maybe not George Cloonie, not a fan at all. But most other movies I will attempt. We watched Wall.e this weekend at church. We have a Free Family movie night once a month that I started at our church with free popcorn and pop/soda is $.50! We have fun. I started it to hang out with my son and see a movie. Kids are not always into watching movies when they are that age so I thought, bring 'em to church. The kids can sit still or not. Be quiet or talk, it really doesn't matter, the whole family can sit together and the parents don't have to worry about their kids, see a free movie that maybe they didn't get to see in the theatre and have a theatre-like experience for the kids. I wanted families to do something together, even if no one else showed up this last week. Our family had a fun time watching the movie on the projector in our "Cafe" at church and eating popcorn. We all like movies.

Today I had a pink smoothie. Didn't workout, but did go to work. Ate healthy with a few m&ms. Enjoyed getting back to work and sharing my raw food ideas with my coworkers and discussing workout routines and kids. We always talk about kids at work, I mean, details of life with kids, being pregnant, labor, that kind of thing. People don't talk about those particular things in detail. It's nice to know that sometimes poop is the main topic in most houses, not just mine! 

Tomorrow I have the day off. I hope to grocery shopping. Clean more of the house, workout and drink one pink and one green smoothie! And Big salad for dinner! I do want to do some more knitting, making a scarf for Love.

A side note to some of the movies I do like and have seen: Kung Fu Hustle, Grease, Global Rx, Pan's Labyrinth, Darjeeling Limited, Slumdog Millionaire, Wall.e, Lars and the Real Girl, Clue, Mixed Nuts, Gone in 60 Seconds, The 5th Element, The Big Lebowski, Love Actually and Kill Bill Vol. 1&2.


  1. Hi, Dawn!

    What is a pink smoothie?
    Have you read the Raw Food Detox Diet? I read it last year and followed it for a little bit but now I have moved away from it. Maybe I'll dust it off and try again! I love M&Ms too : I just ate some peanut butter ones...Yum. I like the ideas at
    Does Asher fit in 0-3 clothes or is he in 3-6 now? I found a great kids resale store and I love baby clothes!

  2. Oh, sorry I didn't see this comment until today, duh. I should probably look at these, I forget. A pink smoothie is...1 can of coconut juice, not the meat, the canned juice or real young thai coconuts. I big carrot, one half beet, 1/4 cup cashews. Then I put frozen strawberries for now. I also have been putting in strawberry kefir in and some hemp or flax oil. this is john's favorite smoothie. you can add whatever fruit you want and vanilla extract. I haven't read Raw Food Detox Diet. We have been doing smoothies for the most part of our regular routine now since November. LOVE IT! I feel great, my face is clear and clean almost all the time, I have energy and feel like my body is functioning properly. I read , she has a blog and I have her 12 steps to whole foods, I'm addicted and John is along for the ride, very willingly.