Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fun times...

So yesterday I made yogurt! Really easy! Tastes great! A must from now on. My Love worked today, and then we took the boys to Imagine Eve where we met another family whom we like to spend time with. After the kids got to play on bounce castles and inflatable courses we went to their house for yummy homemade salsa and some bean dip with chips! Nice raw dinner for us. We played Wii, Guitar Praise (kind of like guitar hero) and scattergories. A nice time with good friends and good food and lots of laughing! 

I have a bread starter that I need to use and I haven't been to the grocery store in a while, we need some I had two smoothies, one pink and one green, they were good. I didn't workout for the second day in a row, but I might tomorrow, or clean some of the house. I am looking forward to a restful sleep for all of us and then a movie or two with my love, we got a sitter!

Now, I'm off to bed and will fall asleep in no time, I'm sure. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Start

I have lots of things going through my mind recently. I have a four year old, whom I call "Bug" as in "Love Bug". He has been my world until this last year I met a wonderful man and added him to our life. Then shortly after we found out that we were going to have a wee one! We will call him "Pickle". My wonderful hubby, "Lover", and I have been recently turned on to the idea of eating 60-80% raw foods in our eating habits. I was great at the beginning and lately I have just been so tired and worn down, I feel like it's too much work. This week, I am back on! I am on here to get my thoughts out of my head and I hate writing in a notebook, I think I can keep this up much better. I have random thoughts going through my head these days: homeschool next year Bug, no more vaccines for the kids, my daily devotional needs to happen, exercise daily at least 30 minutes, organize my boxes in the basement, going back to work, staying home, pulling out of church activities, finding a different church. As you can see, I am going through a lot right now. My 3 month old  was a preemie and that seems to make things a little more complicated for our family as well, I don't want him in any daycare or nursery until after this cold/flu/rsv season. My Love has been so good about all of this, I think he has made the most change in his life after meeting me only a year ago. We got married, moved into my house, got pregnant and had a preemie, he adopted my Bug and now we are trying to get a routine that is comfortable for all of us and is affordable. I like to surf the net on other blogs and find vegetarian recipes and some even vegan. I'm not either, but I'm getting close. I eat red meat VERY rarely an more. I am on green smoothies and this really great hot pink smoothie! And then we try to have a big salad before anything else for dinner. I'm trying to make plant-based meals more and more. My Love just thinks this is fun...which is great! He supports whatever I do! Today I'm trying my hand at making yogurt and I have my own sourdough bread starter going, getting ready for making my own bread in the next day or two! I plan to keep you updated if I find a great recipe or if my daily devotions move me. That is what I want to do on here. So, to start off with a recipe:

My Green Smoothie for lunch and afternoon snack:

2 cups of water
fill spinach to the top of blender
1/4 lemon (including peel and rind)
flax or hemp oil
1 avacado
1 banana
1/2 bag of frozen fruit (mixed berry, my fav; blueberry, love's fav)

You can also add any other fruit to this you want or a sweetener, stevia or agave
For the greens, you can use any greens you want, kale, beet greens, collards, the darker the better for you! If you drink a quart of this a day you get 15 servings of fruits and veggies a more V8!