Monday, February 22, 2010


So it has come upon us once again. This year I thought it would be great to take part in Lent, told my husband to think and pray about what God is telling him to give up. He came home and said, Beer, which he taken to mean an alcohol. He isn't an alcoholic, nor does he choose it over his family. But he does part take every so often. I thought this was good, and I kept thinking to myself, "Why isn't mine to apparent to me?" I should give up chocolate or sugar. But I kept feeling God tell me something else, not to give things up, but to put my soul focus on Him. I have a list that I feel is what He wants me to do and refocus my priorities. For the last year I have been a say home Mom, something I don't really take pride in. I'm not great at keeping the house clean or organized, I don't always plan or even cook dinner. I have been feeling quite lazy these days. I have weight to lose and I haven't really put my whole heart into it, to take care of myself, watch what I eat or to keep myself involved whole-heartedly in all the boys' lives. My oldest, I think, has suffered the most from this, when he is home, he runs around helping me out, getting diapers or the forgotten something in the other room. I have found myself saying many times, "I'm coming". I think that has been my auto pilot.

My attitude needs to change, I may not be good at the house stuff, but I am determined to put my family first, organize papers that have been put off and look at being home with my children as my job. I haven't looked at it quite like that before. I want to be interested in what they are interested.

Pickle loves animals, we should go to the zoo once a week, we have a membership! Nugget smiles a lot and has started giggling, what a pleasant sound. I want to make toys and fun crafts for and with my children. First on my list is to make a bag out of a t-shirt for Bug, he has been asking since before Christmas, so off I go!

I will be making a list of things we should do, but I think one fun family thing out of our routine would be a good place to start and to keep God in the center of things that we do. Out youth went to a conference this weekend and the theme was LOUDER THAN WORDS. I think that we all can take something away from that. What actions have you taken today to show Jesus to someone?

This is my Lent give.