Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Things

So I was reading some one's blog and they put up the challenge of writing 25 things about yourself...this might get a little too revealing, so watch out!

1. I am a massage therapist that loves helping people get healthy.

2. I have two wonderful boys. Ages 4 and 3 months. 

3. I recently decided to homeschool.

4. I have been intrigued by green smoothies and eating more raw foods. So I have been embarking on a new food lifestyle.

5. Tried knitting a scarf for my husband while he is away.

6. Live in a nice house next to my parents. Which I enjoy very much.

7. Think outside the box.

8. I love tattoos and piercings, have a few of each. My back tat is my favorite, and it's almost done!

9. Love to sing, not great at it, but I do love to. 

10. Work really hard at teaching my kids at church about having a relationship with Jesus and not to judge others or shove it down people throats.

11. I strive to love people and accept them as human, not as perfect.

12. I have a passion to travel. I have been to lots of places around the world, well, a few anyway. My favorite was China for 18 months.

13. I feel I will live in China again with my wonderful family in the near future.

14. I like to drive my car. During the day is better, my night vision is getting bad.

15. I love to watch my boys watch one another, it makes me happy.

16. Hate to clean my house, it's usually a mess.

17. Enjoys my Wiifit and other Wii games.

18. Am organizationally challenged! I need help!

19. Hates to admit I need help, like most women. We can did it ourselves.

20.Am a devote Christian and tries to read my Bible everyday.

21. Loves to dance for my workout! Dancing is so much fun!

22. Orders fun things off of Amazon.

23. Doesn't like to run for a workout at all! Or really walk. I don't get it.

24. Has made my own yogurt this year.

25. Is excited to celebrate my first year of marriage in 5 days! But am sad because my honey will still be out of the country! At least we made the first year! I love being married!

Hope you enjoyed this. Challenge yourself today!

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