Monday, January 12, 2009

A new day

A bunch of news, Pickle went to Day Care for the first time today...he did well, ate, slept, pooped! 
Perfect! Bug played and ate and I'm sure pooped as well. He had fun with his old buddies. I enjoyed a snow day at work! We had no clients, which is fine. I moved my stuff into a room to call my own, for now. I cleaned out my junk that had been left behind there, it was fine. Wrote a few clients to let them know I was back, it felt good. 

Tonight Bug had a meltdown and I ended up feeling like I should end it and rock him to sleep instead of dad cleaning up my mess I made with him. It ended nice, so I can sleep tonight as well. Trying to teach a spirited four year old good choices in food is a difficult task. I am trying and sticking to my guns, not always an easy task.  Good first day back. After Bug went to sleep love and I watched some more on IPTV about India, which has kind of been our theme for almost three weeks now. Played a few games of WiiBowling! and bought Wii World of Goo. Love had to try it out before we go to bed, looks addictive. I might be in trouble tomorrow. 

I need to get Awana ready for my leaders to teach and myself prepared. We are also going to the Science Center tomorrow with some friends, that will be fun!

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