Friday, January 23, 2009


Today was o.k. I had the boys, I slept in, well, after everyone was up I went back to sleep for a while, maybe half an hour or so. Bug has so much energy, but he was great this a.m. entertained himself quietly. One BIG thing for today. Pickle decided to laugh today! How very exciting! Bug was playing with him in his exersaucer and there you have it! I was upstairs and as I came down I heard this high pitch giggle...then realized it was Pickle laughing at his big brother...I think this is a great relationship already. It was precious. I grabbed the camera and put it on Video mode for a little bit. What a pleasant sound in this house. 

So, I admit that I don't have a clean house, hardly ever. To help myself along I invite friends over to make me clean. Well, I did some of that today. Then when only one of my girlfriends ended up making it, I asked her to help me organize the place while Love is away! She did! We got started, well, she did. 

I am tired and don't really want to work tomorrow, but I will. I will be happy when I get there, I just wish I could take the boys with.

I found out that my husband was leaving behind presents for me today. He put together on the computer an icon that changes every day while he is gone. A picture and some text, as he put it. But today I found out that in these pictures are random things that had gifts hidden in them. How sweet is that?! It made me laugh, who thinks of that! What a small thing to look forward to while he is away. I have been staying up a little later than usual because a new one appears after midnight. I'm silly, I know.

I had a pink smoothie today, didn't exercise, drank plenty of water. Made bean dip for my dinner and finished the Snobby Joe's from a different blog that I made a couple days ago. YUM! Go vegetarian! I love this no meat thing I'm trying. It feels so good.

I love my life. Tonight I seem a little random in my thoughts, but you get the idea. Night!

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