Friday, January 9, 2009


The hunger strikes again. Ok, so I didn't blog last night, I feel asleep before I got the chance. I have noticed in my foods, some reactions my body is having towards sugar, the processed refined sugars in processed foods. I thought I was doing ok. But three nights this week I had these yummy frozen coconut bars that claim they are all natural, come to find out HFCS is in them and half an hour after eating these I have been crashing. I ate one more last night, just to make sure...yep. So, I guess those as out for me!

I'm hungry right now.....Oh, this week I made raw Avocado soup and today I made raw Carrot Soup, both yummie. I think I liked the avocado better, not really sure. They were both so good. Yesterday I made turkey loaf, my first meat  product of the week. Not bad, but I couldn't eat all that was on my plate. I need to get to the store, we need some fresh ingredients. I made almond mylk for the first time today. Now I have something to work with. Thank you Ani Phyo and my good friend Angie, for introducing me to her! I think this will be a nice change, and cheaper for our family, which is double good. Now maybe I need a nut mylk bag, our blender isn't that great. I have been wanting to borrow my Mom's magic bullet to see how it would do with some nuts and things...I do like our blender and we don't have $400 for a Blendtec, one day we will. I have to save up for that.

 I haven't workout since Tuesday, and Pickle got a shot on Wednesday so yesterday was crazy with him. Bug has been really fun this week, we watched Harry Potter on the couch yesterday, he has been making up songs, which are adorable. It's so fun to see his mind and imagination go. We also listened to music yesterday. Imagination Movers and Choo Choo Soul are the new picks for now! 

I haven't read my Bible in a few days so tonight I need to check out Daily Bread, that really helps me out, keeps my on track.

I am wanting to try a Chocolate Smoothie, one with greens in it...I will let you know how that goes.

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