Saturday, January 31, 2009

One week left

A week from now I will be in the arms of my Love, the one thing I need the most. I have decided, and after talking with he, he agrees, we will never spend this much time apart if at all possible. I need him and he needs me. I miss him. I think this time has been valuable in many aspects. We have gained our new perspective of looking into the mission field overseas more seriously and when Love returns we will discuss how and when we can plan out our life in another country in our not so distant future. I get excited thinking about this plan we have. I pray that God will lead us in every step, that we will hear His voice amongst the chaos of our every day lives. 

Love really is enjoying the work they are doing, building a church. He called on Thursday and it was so nice to hear his voice. I still think about the words we used and how much we are each a part of a whole.

Today was loooong. I worked 9-well, 3:15. It was suppose to be 5 but there was a cancellation, which I was happy about. I picked up the boys, dropped off Bug at a friends house to play "Star Wars" and take the baby with me to Girl's Night at a local church with my best friend. We had a cheap, not so vegetarian meal, looked a glasses frames, found a few long-lost friends, found out our personalities by our kiss marks from some Mary Kay ladies, waited in a long line for Godiva chocolate, bought 2 chocolate covered strawberries for $1 each! Nursed Pickle before leaving and enjoyed a cup of lemony tea that she got from a friend this week at her house. All in all a great day until it all hit the fan as it was after 10:30 and needed to get Bug to bed, he threw a fit! BIG time. Sorry friends. I think he didn't have enough for dinner and was tired, not having a nap today. Other than that, it was enjoyable. I love my friends, they love me and we all miss Love. They don't call him that.

No workout, no smoothies, but mostly raw today. I did get to sleep early last night! Before midnight is good at this point! I'm going to try for two nights in a row!

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