Sunday, February 1, 2009


It was easy today. Boring a bit. We went to church, ate over at my aunt and uncle's house, yummy quiche! talked and went home for a nap, well, watched 4 hours of "Anne of Green Gables" on IPTV. I love that movie, series, you know. Bug took a long nap, got up ate dinner and watched "Star Wars:Clone Wars". Then took a bath and went to bed after story! I am enjoying my evening. I made chocolate mylk from Ani Phyo's book, Ani's Raw Food Kitchen. I'm letting the dates soak in for sweetness overnight. It makes the mylk sweeter! I hope that Bug will try it! I work in the a.m. so I am looking forward to some sleep. Pickle was up most of today and fell asleep around 5 or so. I hope he still sleeps through the night. He usually only gets up once in the night, but he is still sleeping. Please God, help him sleep through the night still. Sometimes he just wants to see what everyone else is doing and doesn't sleep until later in the day.

I am counting down, 5 more days until Love comes back. I am so excited!!!!!!! I work only two days this week, but I am going to a friends house on Saturday for a massage party, she has invited 5 of her friends to get massages! Go me! I will bring my business cards. I love doing things like that! I used to do that for a couple of people, they would have four or five of their friends over once a month for massages and i would give a nice discount to the host on their massage! It is tiring, but lots of fun and totally worth it! I'm excited.

I didn't work out again, or have any smoothie today. I am making lentils for my lunch for tomorrow, I think lettuce wraps are in order for something different. I know, today was a boring blog. Maybe something exciting will happen tomorrow!

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  1. Ya-hoo! Not much time left. I'm excited about your future, too. Even if that will take you away from Iowa. OK--I feel a cry coming on. :(