Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Off to bed

Before I retire for the evening I thought I would stop by with a few thoughts. I have not been keeping up with my new workout routine, bad me. Tomorrow is a new day. Love has been offered a new work position and isn't sure he should take it, insurance might not cover the old house's water damage, I'm not happy at work. 

Bug got sick last night so we stayed home, he had a fever (can't remember the last fever...never gets them) and stayed on the couch majority of today. Watched a few movies and then by 4:30 or so he felt much better, not eating much at all today but he wanted to play the WiiFit. I told him tomorrow he could, today was kind of a rest day. We missed Art Class and he stayed home from Awana. I went, I love my kids. They are so much a part of why I even teach there. I have a great relationship with most of them. Two of my kids have my cell phone number and text me during the week, it's kind of fun. One of the girl's mom may let me color her hair pink! That will be fun! Then we will match. I love my pink hair, I'm still not sure about the blue right now with the pink. Oh well, it's still fun.

I work tomorrow and hope to work out. I made the smoothies for tomorrow, Love likes to take them to work with him and I don't get up before him much any more, I feel lazy. 
I'm off to bed and Thank God that Bug is better! And that we all are healthy other than the last night throwing up! I'm tired and want to read a bit before bed (The China Study) .

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  1. Glad he's feeling better. Will miss you tomorrow, you workin' lady!