Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Tuesday

We enjoyed the sunshine today. Ran a few errands and went to the park. We met up with friends at the park, nice to chat and figure out what to do about our share garden and local CPA. I am looking forward to fresh local veggies with no pesticides or hormone growth injections! I feel like I have been so blind about the foods we eat, but the light is dawning.  The boys stayed with Grandpa G this evening so that Love and I could attend a DIY/Craft group that was teaching knitting! It was great, coffee and knitting with great company. Love's best friend was their and another of my new friends was there with her daughter and sister. It was a nice get away. I am excited to say that I will finish my new scarf hopefully tomorrow if all goes well. I really enjoyed this and hope that we will continue to do fun things like this, a kind of date night. Really relaxing.

Tomorrow will be nice again, so I hope we can go by the park for a bit. Bug does have art class and we have Awana in the evening. I do like seeing my "kids" on Wednesday night. And tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. 

I have already stayed up later than I wanted. 

I have to say that Pickle has been grasping for things lately, toys, his bink, blankets. It's really fun to see the growth that you forget about. The little things...all blessings.

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