Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Not much longer

Another night alone....

Bug slept in today, as did the rest of us. I got a load of laundry done a load of dishes and put Pickle back in cloth diapers today. It is going better today. I think the diapers were a little tight the first couple of times I put them on him. I will pick up my next purchase of cloth diapers tomorrow. I'm excited to see how tonight will go, first night with them. I was afraid of him not being able to sleep, but it has been about 2 plus hours now. I think he will transition nicely. I have been thinking a lot lately about no vaccinations and less meat in all of our diets. More fine arts in our daily lives and more exercise for me.

Today I had two pink smoothies, a large salad for lunch. Hot chocolate and ice cream. I can't remember the last time I had ice cream. It was o.k. I keep thinking that all sugary things tasted better before now. What is going on? I'm really loving that the sweets aren't what I really want anymore. I am really enjoying putting together new meals without meat. I think our life is more interesting this way, and I feel so much better in general. My head is clear, most of the time. I have lost 2.5lbs in the last week! My skin is clearer, I have more energy and don't crave the sweets as much. And when I give into the sweets, they don't taste nearly as good as I remember. 

I have 4 more days without my Love. I am really excited about seeing him. Today's present from him was a Star Wars spaceship for Bug. He loved it! Bug thought it was so cool that Dad left presents for him to play with while he was gone. He can't wait to see Daddy at the airport and tell him "thank you for Bumble Bee and the Star Wars spaceship". That is what he told me today. Bug likes to hold Pickle's hand and talk in a really high pitch voice to him. Pickle is Bug's number one fan! He can make him smile in a flash. It is so nice to see them interact already. Bug is great with diaper duty. Always helps getting diapers and trying to sing to Pickle when he cries, it's very sweet.

I am counting down the days. See you soon, my Love.

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