Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thoughts today

So I have 48 hours until I see my Love!!!!!!! What a great time that will be! I will probably cry. I miss him, if you didn't notice.

Today was kind of boring, I worked. I don't know how I feel at work. It's almost like I don't want to be there, I'm not happy there. So there may be a change in my near future with work. We will see. I said I would try this for a month and see how it goes. I had a nice time hanging out with the girls at work. We talked about the usual. Men, shoes, pregnancy. We have one gal who is currently pregnant and one who is trying to get pregnant and me, who thinks about when we should get pregnant again. I'm always thinking about that. I think it will just happen when it is suppose to happen. 

I didn't workout today, should have, I had one client at work and could have worked out. Today was suppose to just be ab work, so it should have been easy to do at work. Oh well. I will tomorrow for sure. I didn't have a smoothie or salad, but I did eat a full container of plain organic yogurt, it is so good, all 24oz in almost one sitting! Yeah, I know, not the most wonderful thing for me to devour, that is what I did.

I am planning on waiting until midnight and then going to bed. Love left a new pic with text every day he has been gone. I think I have gone to bed once before midnight since he has been gone. Just to see what he says to me. I can't get over him, I miss hims o much. I miss talking, it's been a week since we spoke. The longest, for sure, since we met.

I enjoyed watching nothing on T.V. this evening, should have cleaned and read a book or knitted, but didn't. The end of Iron Chef America is on in the background and the judging is about to begin. I guess I will watch who wins and then venture up to the bedroom. Oh, both boys have been going to bed around the same time the last two nights now. And cloth diapers are going over very well! Thank you!

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