Sunday, February 8, 2009

He's BACK!

My wonderful husband has made it home! Safe and sound. WE have tried talking a lot since we laid eyes on one another while he tries to stay awake. We had to be at church early this a.m. for worship practice and then had a taco dinner after for the youth fundraiser. So we got home, tried to sleep and ended up talking most of the afternoon, in bed. Trying to catch a nap. He says he will go to work in the morning, we will see.
I have been trying to figure out what I church in my calling to Asia/China, in my role as a mother, as a homeschooler, as a more natural approach to health and home. It will be interesting to see where I am on all these things in six months from now. 
I haven't had a smoothie or a couple of days, did have salad today. Only worked out on e day last week, oh well. I can't beat myself up over that, I need to just move on. This week will be better. We all have to figure out our routine again. Fun times here on our home front. I am enjoying the stories and want them for myself. 

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