Monday, February 16, 2009

Recovery/Catch up

Last week we went roller skating with the local Homeschooler/Unschooler group. Bug's first time at the rink and with real skates. (We went around once, yes WE. I had to get skates because he was scared, so was I!) We went around once and that was enough for him.

Recover/Catch Up
That was what today was all about. I was sick from Friday evening until Monday morning I had a fever, my body ached everywhere, my head throbbing with sinus pain and headache/migraine. Lots of fun! I had to call into work on V-day! Bad day to call in. I got a text saying that I had to show up or they would have to let me go. That wasn't too hard of a decision, I had a temperature of 100-102 that day and didn't want to get clients or coworkers sick, so I stayed home. All is good in that decision, I would have gotten complaints about how bad my massages would have been anyway. I could barely walk to the bathroom at home. Love had to bring Pickle to me to nurse and then put him back into the crib, so sad. Love started feeling yuck Saturday afternoon, but got better later in the day, just some stomach weird. So I can't remember all that happened. I do know that we got a few valentines in the mail. How sweet there were. My Mother-in-law sent cards and sweet treats for the kids! Yum! "Dairy Cream" is what Bug calls it, we only live two blocks away from our favorite and we walk there in the summer quit a bit!  And my sister-in-law also sent a homemade card with family pics all over it, very cute! We want to say "Thanks"
Bug has had a cough the last few days, so tomorrow I will give him ear drops, he seems to get ear infection after having a couch. I want that to stop. He hadn't been sleeping so great and then was sick one night last week, slept on night for 14 hours straight and then 12 the next night. It's been weird though, all of us having different symptoms. I didn't go to the Dr, but maybe I should have. I don't think they could have given me anything anyway because I'm nursing. No big deal, my immune system needed to work through it on it's own this time. My throat is still sore and I'm snoring when I sleep, I am told. And my head hurts a little off and on. I am trying to eat well and drink lots of water. Water and my honey made me milk tea, which was nice and I kind of got a secret crush on now, very soothing.
The house is coming into silence with both boys sleeping and both of us tired, trying to get more sleep. It's nice to not have to be anywhere at any certain time, i love seeing Bug learning every day, from me, the Internet, his clever numbers and letter games. We have a great time. Tuesdays usually end up being some kind of music day, we listen to, dance around and sing along with different types of music, educational, just for fun, techno and classical. Bug loves to dance to techno! He is getting quit the love for music, I'm so proud. He will be taking Hip Hop Boys dance class this summer, all boys! He says he can't break dance, but then you will see him get on the ground and try to move around like he knows what he is doing, or has a picture of it in his mind. What a cool kid.

Pickle is desperately trying to turn over, if he could just get his feet to go with his body, soon. I told him today he can wait as long as he likes, I'm in no rush for him to be mobile! 

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