Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Early morning

It is early, thought I would blog since it has been a while again. Bug got to spend time with is biological Dad the last couple of days, very emotional for everyone. We are now recovering and going to get back to normal. 

I made a great dinner of Cous Cous Soup and apple/brie with a reduced balsamic vinegar sandwich on nice toasted bread! I really love cooking, when I have the time. I made our menu for this week, got groceries and went thrift shopping yesterday with a friend that I haven't seen for a couple months now. Nice time catching up. 

I have been back on pink smoothies, but still am trying to get back to green ones too. I haven't gotten back into working out again since I was sick over Valentine's weekend. Oh well. I have been keeping busy and reading, need to sign up with my new CSA for this year! I'm really excited and need to plan out our garden, Bug wants to help! Love has been taking a theology course at our church (I took this a year or so ago), it's good and keeps you reading the Bible and memorizing scripture, which is always a good thing. I might pick up my book and go through it again while he is taking it! 

We have also started knitting, Love has made two scarves and I have made a scarf and a pair of fingerless gloves that Bug decided were for him! I want to learn how knit socks and Love wants to learn to make a hat, which I would like as well. Oh what a fun hobby for us to do together and make stuff for each other! I guess we need to learn how to knit in the round! That will be fun. Bug has decided he wants to learn to knit as well, it's not going well for him right now with that, but I will try if he wants to keep on!

I have been reading blogs and enjoying my friends in conversation lately. I hope tomorrow is more of the same, I mean today!

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