Monday, March 16, 2009

Zoo Times

Friday was fun! We ventured to the Omaha zoo with my cousin and his family, they have two boys as well! The boys all loved it. Pickle fell asleep in the moby while the other three boys ran ahead of everyone and tried to race to the end of the zoo! Lots of fun, lots of energy and deemed a good time for all. This photograph was taken by my four year old, Bug. He like to take pictures. The zoo has a new butterfly building, nice. I let him run loose with my camera, which he loves. He takes nice photos! He is taking after Daddy! Loves to take pics of everything and anything including his hands and feet as well as self portraits! Lots of fun living life through a four year olds eyes. I learn so much and I'm glad and blessed to have this special time to spend with my young children.

Today was beautiful, even though we spent most of the day in doors. Pickle slept more today, I think he's going through a growth spurt. We have decided to try a garden this year and this is the week to set it up. I also started a wheat bread dough and made a loaf this evening, smells great! Tomorrow will be running around day and out of the house day. Parade to see, if we get there, art supplies to locate for our block printing "class" we will be taking next Tuesday, and trying to get our things together for our Square Foot Garden. I hope all goes well, we are new to this, so if it doesn't go well, we can live with it. My love bought our tickets to visit our family in Oregon in May! We are both so excited. Bug's 5th birthday will be while we are out there and we hope to visit the ocean, this will be both of the boys' first time. How fun! I get to meet more of our family (some family of mine that Love hasn't met as well as Love's family that I still haven't met). I love traveling, so I am very excited. I have been eating pretty good the last couple of days, but I haven't worked out for a week. I did walk for five hours or so at the zoo on Friday. I hope to do something active this week, outside as well as in. My life is in a great direction and I'm so glad to have Love in my life to share it!

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