Monday, March 9, 2009

Meal plan

My bff and I making Spelt Pizza Last Saturday Night! Pickle is enjoying the Moby!

Or Menu Monday, is what some people call it.

Breakfasts: Pink smoothies/frozen waffles, cereal

Monday: Dinner; Salad/pink smoothie
Tuesday:Lunch; Salad or green smoothie and grilled cheese
        Dinner; Ratatouille
Wednesday: Lunch; Mexi Egg wrap
                       Dinner; Crepes and salad
Thursday: Lunch; Salad/ green smoothie
                   Dinner; Cous Cous Soup
Friday: Lunch; left over soup
              Dinner; Going out for pizza!
Saturday: Lunch; fend for yourself
                  Dinner; Quiche

I have some bread to make, I made my first loaf yesterday and it was great! I'm so excited! Can't wait to make more! I have been convicted about eating my green smoothies, I have been craving too many sweets, kick that feeling out. And I need to workout, I have a sinus infection, the second one in a month, so I need to get my body moving to get it out, get a massage or acupuncture done and exercise, that is my solution! I downloaded more pics that I will post here. I printed some pics of the boys and sent them off to family a far. I picked up the house some, still needs more attention, but getting there. Pickle is teething, so drool has become the norm and fun gas that you would think came out of a grown person, man can he fart! 
Back to the sinus infection, I have been reading my Alternative Medicines book for school, and think that I have chronic sinusitis. We are going to see if we can have to dog out of the house for a couple weeks to see if that might be a factor in my sinus issues. 
We got together with our really good friends over this last weekend, which was great. They guys mudded the addition to their home and us ladies made spelt pizza, which i have come to love. Then we went over worship music for Sundays set that we were all a part of. It was nice and relaxing. Sunday we went back and my Mom made lunch for all of us and we played Apples to Apples. Good times! 
We also enjoyed going to our first official "Park Day" with the local unschooler/homeschoolers group that we have come to enjoy being a recent addition. We have met up with them at a couple of events this winter, so "Park Day" is other events when the weather isn't fun for the park. I'm very grateful to this group of wonderful and supportive women. I look forward to more of the weekly meet-ups! 
Tomorrow we are going over to another friends house, without the kids, to have craft night of our very own. I believe Love and I will be doing some knitting and our friends will either be knitting or doing some macrame, it will be nice. I am looking forward to having more creative thing in our house to share with out children and so that the t.v. isn't on as much. Bug did ask to learn how to knit, we have tried once and he lost interest within the first 5 minutes, we will try again later.

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  1. Love it--aren't we cute. Who took this pic? You guys are so good at taking pics. Love you, sista.