Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year

Our church decided to read our Bibles together and the church got Life journals for the congregation to challenge us to read our Bible daily, something I have always struggled with. I always say that is something that I am working on. I am encouraged by my husbands faithfulness in this area. So have picked up one of these Journals. You are suppose to read the reading for the day, which can be up to four chapters in Old and New testament and sometimes includes a Psalm as well. It has been nice reading before bed. Love is taking a theology-type class and does his readings and book work while I do my readings. After you read you are suppose to get the "notebook" and write down what God speaks to you from your reading, what stands out to you the most. Observation is next, write what you have observed, next is application and how you can apply this to your daily life and lastly, prayer. Pray. I haven't been doing the whole journal thing for the last two weeks, but I have been reading my Bible and retaining what I have been reading. I have also taken my prayer life to the next level. I feel that I have been slacking as a mother. I have been diligently praying for my children and their futures, each of them. It's been exciting to see God answering these little prayers, even about the childrens sleep!
Sorry this is so long, it's really for me to look back at as opposed to reading for others.

So as my prayer list is growing and my family becomes more open to prayer for one another, it gets more exciting to see how God is speaking. I have been challenged by Him to listen to Him more. I know our future is in His hands. I am so blessed to have my family!

The Lord has been laying on our hearts what is next for us and how do we get there. I feel change is coming, in our location, in our jobs and as our children grow, our parenting. I pray for guidance in all these areas and that Love and my relationship continues to grow and include God in every step, even when we stumble, His Grace Is Enough.

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  1. Dawn, this post is so open and hopeful. I pray for you and appreciate our prayful family too. Love, Nette